The Different Materials Used to Design Bongs

In the contemporary world of today, the advent of items that people could have never thought about are now unbelievably in play. You would never guess smoking could be done in so many ways as it is now. Nowadays we have got the use of wax, joints, blunts, vaporizers, and the list goes on and on. There also exists a new smoking design in town, the use of bongs, a clean and smart way of smoking, and also very effective. Bongs have adapted to the current market very fast, and most people have preferred this method than any other.

They are designed using materials with the popular ones being the glass water bongs. Do you want to be an informed consumer with experience? Continue reading below and get to know the different materials used to design bongs.


This is the most popular type of bong commonly used everywhere. People like seeing the smoke-to water reaction when smoking. With the glassglass bong types, one can also easily confirm the cleanliness of the bong before getting to use it. Glass displays the clarity of whatever is inside that’s why it is the preferred type. It is also known to be robust and resistant to burning and heat, and so won’t affect the smoke being produced.


Metal is also a common material design of bongs but not as popular as glass and plastic. Its prime advantage is that is robust and very durable, and so cutting the cost of repetitive purchase and damages. They can also be purchased cheaply compared to their companion designs. Its downside is that it can get heated pretty much faster as compared to the other designs and it can affect smoke flavor. Metal designs are hard to clean because they make it hard to determine if they are clean.


Plastic materials are preferred because of their durability. They are a bit cheaper compared to their glass counterparts and so easily accessible. Unlike glass and ceramic bongs, plastic bongs are efficient when traveling. Their only main downside is that they can affect the smoke flavor when heated up.


Ceramic is not commonly used as compared to the other types mentioned above. They are a bit heavier although robust. They are the best to be metal bongstyled because of the malleability of clay and so have a higher appeal to users. Their downside is that they are a bit heavier and highly fragile.


Bamboo bongs are good for custom-making. They usually come in simple designs, and they also are very durable when proper care is taken.