Tips on buying the right battery for your car

The battery has been the most important part of a car. It provides power to the engine and other electronic devices. Though regular checkup and maintenance help to extend the service of the battery but time would come that it would be worn out and needs replacement. The type of battery greatly depends on the type of car and its specification. Thus, it is one of the reasons for bringing this topic into a discussion because battery selection is extremely important. The type of battery depends on the following :

Type of vehicle

Not all batteries are suitable for all types of vehicle. It is in high regard to note the need for a specific vehicle. Taking into consideration is the basic type which is the battery for startups. Mostly this type of battery is widely available and in common use of most vehicles. On the other hand, hybrid vehicles are using the lithium ion type of battery which is small in compact size and easy to recharge. While the ATV’s(All Terrain Vehicles) and motorcycles are using the VRLA- Valve -Regulated Lead Acid that does not require constant maintenance. Moreover, for a long period of use, deep cell and wet cells are used.


Benefits and uses

Deep cell type of battery

It comes with the two types of a battery namely the VRLA and the FLA. It has a less maintenance feature and has a longer battery life that commonly used by most vehicles. This VRLA could be referred to as Gel Cell and AGM-Absorbed Glass Mat that constructed differently to protect the battery from any wet spillage and vibration. Though it says less maintenance yet it still needs a constant testing and cleaning which is basic to any battery type.

Lithium ion battery

This type of battery is used mostly to some hybrid or electric vehicles. A study conducted comparing the safety, capacity and lifespan of this battery show its efficacy and the fast charging exception.



Mostly, the quality of a certain product like a battery depends on the amount you pay. Technologies have been brought numerous changes and development today. There are batteries that costly high but offers a very good quality that would last to eight years with less maintenance. For further information related to this topic, you could read more and read some online reviews to help you out more on buying tips for choosing the best battery for your car.

Buying the best car battery is somewhat tough especially when it comes to decision of choosing the right battery.  Having known some of the battery features and functions you would now have a guide for picking the right one.